Fire Retardant Coatings

Monarch's FlameGuard fire retardant coatings offer ultimate protection in extensive applications like Industries, Institutions, Corporate Houses, Show Rooms, Residences etc., on Metal, Concrete, Cables, Wood , Rubber, PVC, Canvas etc.,

This coating after application dries quickly to matt finish. On contact with fire or excessive heat, the coating puffs up (intumesces) to 65 times thicker than original coating film, forming a sponge - like cellular foam layer. The product works by cutting off oxygen from the fuel source inhibiting the combustion process in the immediate vicinity of the area and reduces the heat transmission to the protected area like fire retardant jacket. Even after prolonged exposure to a fire the coating is not destroyed and continue to shield the substrate by forming low conductivity carbon char that act as a barrier between the fire and the substrate. This substantially decreases the temperature rise, smoke generation and finally insulates and protects the substrate from the heat of the flame.

The rating of fire retardant coatings depends on the intensity of the flame, type, coating thickness and other variables. More thickness of the coatings increases fire protection duration. The coating adheres tightly and fits to any size and shape of the substrate. It produces neat, attractive and paintable finish. Non- toxic, Asbestos free and resists cracking or crumbling.

Salient Features of Fire Retardant Coatings

  • A coating of a specialized fire retardant can prevent the starting of the fire and slow it down if it does start.
  • The effectiveness of flame retardant coatings at reducing the flammability of consumer products in house fires is disputed.
  • The Fire Retardant Coatings adheres tightly and fits to any size and shape of the substrate.
  • The Fire Retardant Coatings produces neat, attractive and paintable finish.

Recommended Application Area's

  • Switch Box
  • Electrical Cables
  • Junction Box
  • Walls
  • Record Room
  • Cable Trays
  • Floor Wall Openings
  • Electrical Control Rooms
  • Banking
  • Commercial Buildings
Fire Retardant Coatings Application

Application Demo and Application Procedure

  • After proper mixing and surface preparation, apply the product directly from the container.
  • Coat evenly and thoroughly over surface to be coated with a natural bristle brush or roller.
  • Any chips, cracks or thinly coated areas can be “touched up” upon inspection.
  • Do not apply multiple coats until the surface is completely dry as specified above.
  • Do not apply when the air temperature or temperature of surface being coated is below 40° F (5° C). Do not apply
  • when the relative humidity is above 85% or during times of any precipitation or when precipitation is expected within two hours (for exterior applications).

Our Product Range
Fire Retardant Primers

Fire Retardant Metal Primer

FlameGuard MP 

Fire Retardant Acrylic Primer

FlameGuard ACP for Concrete Surfaces

Fire Retardant Electric Cable Primer

FlameGuard ECP

Fire Retardant Mortors

Fire Retardant Mortar

FlameGuard FM - to seal wall / floor openings

Fire Retardant Paint

Alkyd based Fire Retardant Paint

FlameGuard FRP -A

Latex based Fire Retardant Paint

FlameGuard FRP -L

Fire Resistive Intumescent Coatings

Fire Resistive Water based Intumescent Coating

FlameGuard IFR-W

Fire Resistive Solvent based Intumescent Coating

FlameGuard IFR-S