Euro Chlor Mid Century Strategy for a sustainable chlor-alkali industry

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Supporting a
safe chlor-alkali industry for Europe

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Supporting a sustainable
chlor-alkali industry for Europe

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Supporting a successful chlor-alkali industry for Europe

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March 2023 Chlorine Production

March 2023 Chlorine Production

In March, the European chlorine production stood at 608,195 tonnes
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February 2023 Chlorine Production

February 2023 Chlorine Production

In February, the European chlorine production reached 612,381 tonnes
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Euro Chlor Hydrogen Day aims to kick-start the hydrogen economy

Euro Chlor Hydrogen Day aims to kick-start the hydrogen economy

Face-to-face event addressed the challenges in achieving full and optimal utilisation, as well as identifying opportunities to work together. 
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Member News

Bondalti receives EcoVadis platinum medal

Bondalti receives EcoVadis platinum medal

for third year in a row
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INEOS Inovyn secures long-term green power supply deal

INEOS Inovyn secures long-term green power supply deal

Deal covers INEOS Inovyn’s Rafnes and Porsgrunn sites in Norway
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Sunresin produces more than 200 different resin types.
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Energy is essential for the Chlor-Alkali industry

Uses and Innovations

Discover the thousands of applications of chlor-alkali

Safety First

Read more on best practices in safety, environment and health

17 successes

Meet some of the Europeans, whose success at work is all thanks to chlor-alkali chemistry…

01. The Animal Carer

Hypochlorite and other chlor-alkali chemicals help keep animal sanctuaries clean and their inhabitants more

02. The Architect

Building the future with chlor-alkali more

03. The Dentist

Dentists use chlorine things to give us beautiful and healthy more

04. The Dry-Cleaner

Chlorinated solvents are essential for more

05. The Energy Expert

Powering Europe using chlor-alkali more

06. The Farmer

Using chlorine things to keep us all well more

07. The Firefighter

Heat, smoke, fire and water are no match for chlor-alkali more

08. The Hotelier

Hoteliers rely on polyurethane to give us a good night's more

09. The IT Expert

From cables to microchips, chlorine things help keep us more

10. The Mechanic

For safe, comfortable and reliable driving, use chlorine things! more

11. The Packager

Wrapping things up with chlor-alkali more

12. The Pharmacist

Chlor-alkali chemistry is used in the manufacture of 88% of all major more

13. The Plumber

For clean drinking water and a nice warm bath, use chlorine things! more

14. The Police Officer

Polycarbonate face shields and Kevlar® body armour are chlorine more

15. The Pool Attendant

Chlorine things like hypochlorite help keep our swimming pools and spas clean and more

16. The Surgeon

Surgeons rely on chlor-alkali chemistry to help repair our more

17. The Window Seller

Keeping our homes warm and dry with chlor-alkali more

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Learn more about chlor-alkali, what makes it unique, the products, where it comes from and how it is made?

The element chlorine (Cl) is one of the 92 natural elements found on our planet. Have you ever heard of ‘Mendeleev’s Table’? Well, officially this table is called Periodic Table of the Elements. It shows all today’s known chemical elements. As such, you’ll find chlorine in the 17th column of this famous Table. Chlorine gas was first isolated in 1774 by the Swedish-German chemist, C. W. Scheele….

The Hydrogen tree
The Caustic Potash tree
The Caustic Soda tree
The Chlorine tree

Sector Groups of Interest

chlorinated alkanes
chlorinated solvents
sodium chlorate
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