About us

Our purpose statement

Supporting a safe, sustainable & successful chlor-alkali industry for Europe

Chlor-alkali is an essential building block for the manufacture of numerous products that we rely on every day. Across Europe, millions of jobs are dependent on the availability of competitively priced chlor-alkali supplies. Chlor-alkali chemistry is also vital for the development of the innovative materials we will need in the future. Euro Chlor’s 38 producer members operate 60 manufacturing locations in 19 European countries, representing 97% of all European production capacity.

Euro Chlor represents the interests of chlor-alkali producers in Europe; encourages best practices in safety, health and environmental protection: and promotes the economic and social benefits of chlor-alkalis and the many industries that rely on them.

Based in Brussels, Belgium, Euro Chlor is a sector group of Cefic (European Chemical Industry Council), which represents chemical companies across Europe, directly providing 1.2 million jobs and accounting for 14.7% of world chemical production.

What we do

Building on the Euro Chlor mission, the main objectives of the Euro Chlor Secretariat are to:

  • To provide the European chlorine producing industry with a forum to represent its interests, and to communicate, both internally and externally, consistent messages to address the key issues which the industry faces;
  • To ensure that the industry’s requirements are clearly defined, and to provide an effective administration to implement these requirements;
  • To ensure the involvement of all European chlorine producers in the development, monitoring and implementation of the industry’s policies, requirements and activities;
  • To support and facilitate the product group members in accordance with their operating rules
  • To promote best practices in safety, environment and health throughout the industry in accordance with the Responsible Care® principles;
  • To collaborate with national and international organisations, particularly with the European Union and United Nations Agencies and with other chlor-alkali and chlorine derivatives associations in Europe and in other areas in the world.
  • In order to support the global chlor-alkali industry, Euro Chlor plays an active role in the World Chlorine Council