Transport Safety Emergency Response

Co-operation between the European chlor-alkali industry and the national/regional authorities has resulted in practical Emergency Assistance Teams to respond to any incident (on industrial sites or during transport) involving chlorine. In some cases, these organisations cover more products than chlorine.

These Emergency Assistance Teams are permanently available to attend the scene of an incident with all necessary equipment. All staff are specifically trained and are available at the request of local authorities within their area of operation. For efficient operation of this scheme, it is vital that the following organisations are fully aware of its capabilities and who to call for assistance when needed:

  •   All participants of each Emergency Assistance Team
  •   Industrial chlorine users/transporters
  •   Responsible authorities, i.e. police, fire brigade, civil protection
  •   Key staff of the railway system


The ICE (International Chemical Environment) scheme is now generally applied in Europe thanks to corresponding organisations in each country. Read more on the Cefic website.