Technical Documentation

This database of technical publications is continuously updated with both new documents and revisions of existing documents, as well as conferences proceedings and specific position papers. Many of these documents are specifically produced to assist chlor-alkali manufacturers in setting or upgrading their own standards and policies to ensure consistency with European industry recommendations.

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If you are not involved in the chlor-alkali industry but are interested in obtaining one of our publications, you can search for them on the document search page  via several criteria. In the list of the documents you will obtain, check those of your specific interest and submit your request and they will be mailed to you.


If you are from a Euro Chlor member company (member or partner), technical publications are freely available on our SharePoint intranet. Please e-mail eurochlor [at] to receive login information.

The documents in the database include:

  • Technical and safety aspects for chlorine producers and users (document name: GEST)
  • Environmental protection (document name: ENV PROT)
  • Health protection (document name: HEALTH)
  • Analysis (document name: ANALYTICAL)
  • Technology conference presentations (document name: TSEM)
  • Position papers (document name: PP)
  • Technical information documents (document name: TID)
  • Documents on Incidents (document name: GEST AP