17 Careers

Meet the professionals making chlor-alkali in Europe

Thousands of people are directly employed in making chlorine, caustic soda and caustic potash (chlor-alkali) in Europe. From these chemical professionals come all the products we rely on every day to make our lives easier, safer or healthier. These experts are also making the chemical building blocks to build a better and more sustainable Europe.

Taking ’17’ as our inspiration (from chlorine’s position on the chemical Periodic Table of elements), we are pleased to present 17 real Europeans, whose work is to produce chlor-alkali chemicals.

We will upload more of our #17careers examples in the coming months…

Alexander - The Sustainability Manager

Alexander helps his colleagues work, and his company activities, become even more sustainable.

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Emmanuelle - The Product Manager

The diversity of work and the innovative opportunities offered by chlor-alkali make Emmanuelle’s job. 

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Lena - The Maintenance Engineer

Lena enjoys the freedom to make important decisions that can helps keep chlor-alkali production going.

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Diana - The Procurement Category Lead

Diana helps many parts of the chlor-alkali unit to prepare vital products for society.

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Filipa - The Production Engineer

Filipa works in Portugal as a Production Engineer making sure the products are made to a high quality.

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Fenna - The Improvement Engineer

As an Improvement Engineer in Germany, Fenna brings engineering and chemistry expertise to make important everyday chemicals!

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Pádraig - The Process Engineer

Pádraig works in Ireland as a Junior Process Engineer. The best part of their job? Something new happens every day!

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