Staying Safe

Chlor-alkali chemistry helps brave people in our communities.

Heat-resistant and protective materials are essential in keeping our police and fire services safe as they work in our communities.

Aramid fibres are made by linking two different molecules, one of which contains chlorine. These are then spun into strong fibres to make textiles. These strong, but light fibres are generally fire resistant making them essential for fire fighters. Such fibres are also found in bullet and stab-proof jackets as they are up to five times as strong by weight as steel.

Chlorine chemistry also helps in reducing the risks of household fire. From chlorinated alkanes, such as MCCP which are found in PVC, these flame retardants prevent fires from spreading and also from quickly producing smoke, the main cause of injury

Another strong material is polycarbonate which can be made using chlorinated solvents. These polycarbonates are useful in eye protection, helmet visors and riot gear to keep people safe.


Other police and fire service uses for chlor-alkali chemistry include:

  • Zinc chloride in forensic finger printing as it glows under certain types of light;

Why not learn more about how police and fire services rely on chlor-alkali chemistry? Learn more about how chlor-alkali helps keep us safe in this video