Chlor-alkali chemicals are essential for the manufacture of many of the products that we rely on every day. Without them, many industrial and manufacturing value chains would not exist. It is hard to find a product that does not require chlor-alkali at some point in its production process. Chlor-alkali chemistry is also vital for the development of the new and innovative materials that we will need in the future. See our innovations page for examples of these.

Within Euro Chlor, 39 chlor-alkali producing members directly employ over 6600 chemical professionals at 58 manufacturing locations in 19 countries. Further, across Europe, millions of jobs are dependent on the availability of chlor-alkali supplies. These jobs are made safer and more efficient thanks to our vital chemicals.

Find out how chlor-alkali helps Europe’s workforce with our 17 Successes.

people are directly employed in making chlorine and caustic soda (chlor-alkali) in Europe.