Chlor-alkali chemistry helps keeps us on the move.

Many essential products, which come from chlor-alkali building blocks are found in materials in planes, trains and cars including:

  • strong titanium aircraft wings,
  • safe shatter-resistant windows,
  • batteries for electric vehicles,
  • comfortable polyurethane seating,
  • PVC prosthetic limbs
  • protective polycarbonate safety bike helmets,
  • sturdy polyurethane shoe soles

Chlor-alkali chemistry also helped the Solar Impulse in its famous round-the-world flight.

Light-weight but strong, carbon-fibre polymers made up much of the body of the aircraft, all made using chlorine chemistry. Even the silicon-based solar panels were purified thanks to chlor-alkali. Polyurethane kept the cabin and battery compartments well insulated from the large variations in temperature (-40 to +40oC) as the plane made its historic journey. Polyurethane is a plastic material that can be made using chlorinated chemicals.

Back on the ground, calcium chloride is a white salt that performs very well at preventing ice formation. As such, every year it helps to de-ice roads and prevent accidents. Potassium hydroxide, can also help to de-ice planes as they wait to take-off.


For more information, why not watch our video, or learn about Erwin, a mechanic who relies on chlor-alkali materials to get us home safely.