Technical & Safety

One of the key roles of Euro Chlor is to promote best practices in safety, environment and health throughout the European chlor-alkali industry in accordance with the Responsible Care® principles.

Euro Chlor also organises an International Chlorine Technology Conference and Exhibition every three years, with the most recent (11th) taking place in Warsaw, Poland, for 280 delegates. Click on for more details.


This is facilitated through the exchange of practical experiences of the member companies in Euro Chlor’s Technical & Safety Working Groups, which are held on a regular basis. This collective knowledge and experience is published continuously in the form of guidelines, best practices documents, position papers etc.

Euro Chlor also gathers technically-sound data and information to support the communication and advocacy work of the association and enhance the industry’s credibility and prospects for long-term sustainability. The majority of these data are collected via the yearly sustainability survey and are published in our Chlor-alkali Industry Review. Read more about sustainability here.

In order to enhance all this information sharing across the whole chlor-alkali industry, every three years Euro Chlor organises a Technology Conference, with the next one scheduled for May 2020. Key pillars of Euro Chlor’s Technical & Safety work comprise: