17 Successes

The Pharmacist

Marie works in a busy pharmacy. Her welcoming smile is a clear indication that she loves her job. “I’ve been working here for the last 4 years. In school I liked science and was passionate about chemistry. When the time came to choose a field of study after high school, I wanted to do something related to chemistry but could not see myself working in a lab - I really need contact with people! So, I chose to become a pharmacist.”

What Marie loves the most about her work is the social contact: talking to people and answering their questions, giving advice and making sure they understand how to take their medication. “I also love the variety of my work and the fact that I learn something new every day.”

Chlor-alkali chemistry is used in the manufacture of 88% of all major pharmaceutical products to keep us fit and healthy.

Hydrochloric acid and chlorinated solvents are essential in making the active ingredients whilst other Chlorine Things help the medicine to dissolve in water, making it easier to swallow.

According to the Pharmaceutical Group of the European Union, 400,000 pharmacists contribute to the health of over 500 million people throughout Europe. 46 million of these visit their local pharmacy every day for medication.

Did you know that chlor-alkali chemistry can even help fight cancer? Learn more here.