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The Pool Attendant

Enjoying a safe, swim in a pool sounds simple, but involves a lot of activity from people (and chemistry!) working behind the scenes. Here, chlorine things like hypochlorite help keep our swimming pools and spas clean and germ-free.

One such person is Andi who works as a pool attendant at a sports centre. Andi’s hobbies, in the limited free time he has, include swimming, dancing (especially hip hop) and keeping fit.

A typical day for Andi at the pool includes opening or closing the facilities, monitoring the water temperature and chlorine concentration, and - of course - contact with clients.

“These days, at the pool, I could be of even more service to people as I am a trained first aider. Thankfully, I’ve never yet had to use this!”. Andi summarises his responsibility further: “Making sure people feel well and can enjoy clean and safe waters - that’s my job!”

According to the International Life Saving Federation of Europe, 5 million people act as life savers and lifeguards across Europe. They can rely on chlor-alkali chemistry for clean, healthy swimming.

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