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The Dentist

In search of a Hollywood smile? Or maybe you have a toothache? Annick can help you!

“I was always interested in science, and often helped my mother – a primary school teacher – to make things for her class. This combination of science and creativity lead me to dentistry.”

Although creativity is not often associated with dental work, it is this aesthetic and restorative aspect that Annick still loves “One of my patients recently told me that, thanks to her new smile, she really feels like a film star!”

Not that her work is limited to adults: “When I see that I can help a child with their jaw and their teeth, and know that it will have a positive effect on their confidence and outlook, it is very gratifying”.

Annick works in the town where she was born. Her clients appreciate this, looking forward to catching up with her at their scheduled appointments.

“I have never wanted to be anything other than a dentist. To be able to help people, some of whom I have known all my life, keeps a smile on my face”.

From sterile PVC pipes and surfaces to disinfectants and mouthwashes for use in tooth extractions, over 309,000 European dentists* rely on chlorine chemistry to give us beautiful and healthy smiles.

Discover more on how chlorine things help keep us healthy here (a flashy short video) or on these "health" pages.

*Eurostat 2015 data