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The Hotelier

Julie and her colleagues work hard to help presidents, royalty, business-leaders and tourists get a good night's sleep when they are travelling.

“I always wanted to work in the hospitality industry" Julie notes cheerfully. "We want our guests – whoever they are – to feel at home”.

As a hotel sales manager, Julie has worked all over Europe and is now based in an independent, 190-room hotel in the centre of a European capital city. Like many of her fellow hoteliers, she can be safe in the knowledge that her guests are getting a good night’s rest thanks to chlor-alkali chemistry!

In Europe, more than one-third of all chlorine produced is to make the building blocks for special types of polyurethane. Some of this is used in certain furniture and mattresses to give outstanding comfort. This key feature is vital in some of Europe’s leading hotels.

The hospitality industry in the EU currently supports some 16.6 million jobs. Hotels and restaurants are major employers of young people with approximately 20% of those employed being below 25 years of age.*

Discover where else polyurethane plays a vital role in our home comfort.

*HOTREC 2013 data.